Additional Transport For Wedding Guests.


Normally we keep the website to little updates about us and pictures of the weddings we do each weekend. On the weddings we have had over the last few weekends, our clients have not had the best luck with their bus/coach providers.


One Routmaster Double Decker cancelled after being booked a year earlier, because 2 weeks before the big day they realised they would not fit. One coach was 40 minutes late blaming traffic, but it transpires they went to the wrong address and got a little stuck and one simply did not show up!


Thankfully this is quite rare, but perhaps worth a small blog. It is important to also note, that the weddings were still fantastic for the couples involved.


Personally, we love a vintage bus, the image is of our own wedding. Our bus arrived on time, it was an immaculate example, the driver was smart. If you ask the guests, they loved it, although all will say more Prosecco on-board would have been nice. Most important to us was it allowed our guests to relax, because they could leave cars in convenient places and not worry about picking them up the next day from the reception venue. Our wedding reception was at a fantastic venue, but like most of the good ones it was a little off the beaten track.


Our good fortune was not by chance, the company we used was not the first company we contacted. The first company were terrible at getting back to us and not keen on us viewing the bus. The company we used in the end were very slick on their admin, responded quickly and most importantly were familiar with the venues.

If we can give any guidance, it would be to ask those few extra questions when you book.


Are you familiar with the venues? How far away are the busses/coaches coming from? Essential as the further away they are the greater the chance they will be subject to unexpected travel delays. If the operator is quite far away, make sure the arrival time is a little earlier than really needed. Do you have any images of the bus I will receive on the day?


Lastly it never hurts to touch base with your wedding transport providers in the week, days running up to the big day.


White London Taxis are able to provide the ideal wedding cars to compliment a Vintage Bus for your wedding guests.