Eco friendly wedding cars

OK if you arrived here whilst searching for eco friendly wedding cars, you are probably a touch surprised to be on a White London Taxi site?


In the world of green bridal transport, the usual suspects continually pop up, be it the Toyota Prius or other hybrid vehicles. We have even seen a G-Wiz with ribbons, whilst there is no denying its an eco-friendly car, not very wedding dress friendly.


Even before you take into account the fact we can now run our classic white London cab on Bio fuels, the humble London Taxi is an incredibly green bridal car.


Surely a London Cab is not more Eco Friendly?


Yes, our White London Cabs are in fact the more eco friendly bridal car, leaving the likes of the Toyota Prius looking somewhat like a coal fired power station in comparison. In fact looking deeper, the trusty London Taxi, the basis for our taxis are up to 5 times more eco friendly than its hybrid counterparts.


When the London Cab was designed back in the 1950’s, the term eco-friendly didn’t even exist. Like the Routemaster bus, the London Taxi was designed simply to be a durable purpose built people carrier. Ironically it’s this durability that has made this London icon an eco-warrior.


Its Simply Mathematics Really


Whilst media and Governments often focus on the amount of carbon dioxide produced by vehicles when driven, this misses the massive amount of carbon dioxide produced in the vehicles manufacture. To manufacture a modern car like a Toyota Prius, produces the same amount of carbon as burning 1000 gallons of petrol. In fact compared to a London Cab averaging just 27mpg, a Prius like hybrid would have to travel 100,000 miles to produce a carbon saving.


Unfortunately the life expectancy of a modern car is about 100,000 miles from manufacture to the point owners send them to the scrap yard! So by the time a Toyota Prius has repaid its carbon debt from manufacture and begun to produce a carbon saving, it’s most likely to be scrapped. In contrast a London Cab will typically have a life span of 500,000+ miles, yet produces broadly the same carbon dioxide in its production.


So to cover the same amount of miles as the average London Cab, 4-5 Toyota Prius would have to be produced!


Our classic Fairway cab is the epitome of recycling, after serving as an integral part of the London Transport Network; it has been restored and reborn as an iconic wedding car.


A Wedding Car With A Big History & Small Carbon Footprint.


If you’re looking for green wedding cars with a low carbon footprint, then look no further than our White London Cabs. Travelling to your wedding in a Wedding Taxi produces a carbon foot print some 60-80% smaller than travelling in a Hybrid Car.


Wedding Taxi – eco friendly wedding car, no compromise on style.