Wedding Car Top Tips

Surrey Wedding Cars

What helps make a perfect wedding car, other than that all important wow factor it delivers?


Naturally, It Should Reflect Who You Are


If you have a vision of something magical or original in your mind, then run with it. Its your wedding day and you can have what ever you want (well as long as you can convince your partner)


Wedding Car Practicality?


Wedding dresses are designed as a thing of beauty, not practicality. Jumping in and out of a car in your everyday clothes is distinctly different from doing it in a wedding dress.


To avoid your dress getting crumpled and a graceful exit, ideally look for the wedding car to have wide opening doors and a large passenger area.


Exiting the vehicle is the bit that really counts and often the challenge. It’s amazing how the height of the seat from the floor can assist with a graceful exit. Look for vehicles where the seat is not too low to the floor, handles you can grip and exiting your wedding car will be graceful and effortless.


A Clean Wedding Car


Now this top tip may sound silly, surely they are all clean?  Well people have very different ideas about what is clean. Whilst in everyday life you can have a margin for error on "clean", white wedding dresses do not allow this. It is a given that, your dress will not escape your wedding day without a mark, but it should at least escape your wedding car in pristine condition.


Now a provider that takes pride in their vehicle, will inevitably deliver a clean wedding car, but look for or ask about vehicle cleanliness regardless. Interestingly, if the operator or drivers are smart and well presented, typically their vehicles will be to. Turns out, you can judge a book by its cover?


Wedding Car Condition


Thankfully most wedding cars are owned by people who have a love for cars. In reality, they probably see more money, love and attention than the owners spouse. That aside they are older vehicles, so whilst they are often pristine, they are not showroom fresh.


Most reputable companies will use the quiet winter to run ongoing restoration on their fleet, ready for the new season. The restoration work can be overly focused on the exterior of the wedding cars, at the expense of the interior.


One of the most common pictures requested is, the bride and father or bride and groom sitting in the back of the vehicle. In addition the passenger compartment will be where you and your all important dress, will spend the bulk of the time. The condition of the interior, especially the wedding car’s interior roof lining is essential.


When the photographer takes a shot of you sitting in the back of the wedding car, it will always include the vehicles roof lining, so dull or marked are absolute no no’s. In such a enclosed space the lens is much less forgiving than in a shot of the exterior of the wedding car.


Wedding Car Timings


As the newly married couple, you will be the first to be ‘sent off’ from the wedding venue. After the excitement of the ceremony, take a little time to relax together. With a small detour in your wedding car before the reception, you can catch up. After all it’s been an eventful day since you last saw each other.


If anyone ever asks why you were late, what better excuse than to blame it on the taxi driver taking the longest route possible?


By Gary Ellard